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  • Versatile

    Change grip length without ever having to remove from the cable/bar. Multiple grips for high, mid, and low range cable pulls and T-Bar Rows . Also can be used with cables for biceps and triceps. load those plates with ease by using the bar-jack mode!

  • Strong

    It can hold the heaviest of weights. Use as bar jack and load your plates on the bar with ease.  

  • Easy To Carry

    The Back Widow collapses for easy gym storage. No more looking around the gym for that one bar. Back Widow is it.

A Multi-use Back Blaster

The BACK WIDOW was constructed out of necessity...to eliminate the HASSLE of fumbling around different cable handles, SUPER-SETTING efficiently and getting that perfect RANGE OF MOTION! While having added bonus FEATURES! More bang for your buck!

It’s a multi-use Back Blaster with over 15 positions guaranteed to have your back aching like a bad toothache. The moving parts are all at a 16,000 lbs sheer test, so it can hold the heaviest of weights.  

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Back Widow® OG Is Your "Replacement Bar" For Everything Back

With over 15 exercise variations your back will experience a new thresh-hold of intensity.

You will love it!

Why Back Widow®

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