See it in Action!

  • Versatile

    Change grip length without ever having to remove from the cable/bar. Multiple grips for high, mid, and low range cable pulls and T-Bar Rows . Also can be used with cables for biceps and triceps. load those plates with ease by using the bar-jack mode!

  • Strong

    It can hold the heaviest of weights. Use as deadlift bar jack and load your plates on the bar with ease.  

  • Easy To Carry

    The Back Widow collapses for easy gym storage. No more looking around the gym for that one bar. Back Widow is it.

A Multi-use Back Blaster

The BACK WIDOW® was constructed out of necessity...

to eliminate the HASSLE of fumbling around different cable handles. When used with cable machine, the BACK WIDOW® gives the flexibility of 15 adjustment positions to get that perfect RANGE OF MOTION!

Further the BACK WIDOW® as a standalone gives great positioning for Push-Up, and use with barbells as Deadlift Bar Jack, and Dumbbell & Landmine T-Row Bar exersises. 

Even if you exercise not for Mr. Olympia, but simply to stay in shape, the Back Widow is a game
changer for your work out experience. Whether you take the Back Widow to your
gym or use in your home gym, it energizes you as it gives excitement to your
work out.  While your finishing your reps with current position you can't
help be thinking about the next position you're going to change to for your
next lift.

Get Yours

Back Widow® OG Is Your "Replacement Bar" For Everything Back

With over 15 cable exercise variations for your back will experience a new thresh-hold of intensity. Plus, accessories for barbell!

You will love it!

3min Demo Commentated by Flex Wheeler & Paul Tabone

Why Back Widow®


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Get your Back Widow® Accessories!

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